Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Real Wedding: Merrill and Ryan

Ryan and Merrill might be two of my most favorite people ever. I first met Merrill when I did the flowers for her sister's wedding in 2006, and then I was lucky enough to be their wedding planner and florist for her and Ryan's wedding in 2008. When you first meet this couple you just can't help but love them. Merrill had an infectious laugh that is usually followed up by a cute snort and Ryan is just an all around great guy. These guys got married at the end of September last year, normally a very safe time weather wise, however for this wedding we weren't so fortunate. Sun Valley had gone something like 53 days with out rain, but on the day of their wedding it decide to monsoon. I have never seen weather like that up here ever. There was not only crazy amounts of rain, but huge hail, thunder and lightning. But through it all Ryan and Merrill were troopers and the wedding turned out to be stunning.

We were so lucky, right before the ceremony started the sun decided to come out, and the umbrellas were all put away. The bridesmaids wore silver and carried mounds of white roses, and Merrill wore a stunning dress that couldn't have fit her personality better. And Ryan and the groomsmen looked handsome in their dark suits.

The inside of the tent was sparkly and magical. We hung 200 votives from the ceiling of the tent and the tables were set with tons of votives and floating candles. In addition to the candles we had mounds of white roses in julep cups and floated gardenias in clear globes. We made sure we had plenty of heaters to drive the cold and rain back out the door.

After dinner the tent was filled with music from the Freddy Pink Band. A great group out of Seattle. The guests danced the night away and had a great time. Even though the rain in the beginning of the day was not fun, in the end everything turned out to be the perfect wedding. I am so lucky Ryan and Merrill allowed me to be a part of their big day!

event planning and flowers by Taylor'd Events
photography by Kirstin Shult

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