Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Giant Thank You!

I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank all of the people who make my work so enjoyable, and sane (most of the time). I truly cannot do what I do without you guys.

Kirsten, Hillary and Kristen - what can I say, you three are such super talented photographers and you make my new office look amazing!

Judith, Chris, Rebecca, and the Rasberry's - without your talents our events wouldn't be as great as they are. And I promise I will do my best this next year not to make you cook in fields, monsoons, snow storms, and any other force of nature! And thank you for feeding me.

David, Bill, Gordon and all of your support staff - what can I say? Without you guys helping me along I'd be in big trouble.

Craig and Jay - I am sure the things I ask you to do sometimes and the places I ask you to put power, lights and sound, make you want to kill me. But I very much appreciate all of your work!

Kristin, Jen and the TE boys - thank you for letting me change my rental orders a million times! Thank you for putting up tents in sheep easements, for putting dance floors over giant holes, for soaking wet linens and all of the other torturous things I make you do!

Paris and Debbie - you know how I feel! Do I really have to say anything?

And most of all thank you to my girls: Amy, Annie, Izzy, Hannah, Kelsey. Thank you for knowing what I am talking about when I don't have a clue, for coming up with crazy MacGyver ideas, not letting me fall off ladders, and all of the other absurd things I make you guys do. I absolutely cannot do my job with out you guys.

I am so lucky to work with these people, and many more on a daily basis. Thank you so much, and I hope the next year is a great as this one!

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