Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real Wedding: Elia and James, Part 1

I have to say that I am especially fond of Elia and James for quite a few reasons.  First of all I have been working with them to plan this wedding for about 19 months, so that alone allows me to really get to know a couple.  And second, James went to the University of Oregon, which for any of you who read this blog regularly know, is where I went to school, so I immediately liked him.  But besides this, these guys are just genuinely great people.  I am going to miss talking to them all the time and all of our funny inside jokes, but they visit Sun Valley often so I will be seeing them again soon.

So on to the wedding.  I thought I would start off by showing some pictures of the bride and groom, and all the fun bride details, and then a few shots of the cocktail hour.  Once again the talented Hillary Maybery photographed the wedding, and a wonderful caterer Judith McQueen, feed everyone till they were stuffed on sensational food.

The wedding reception took place on a beautiful property here in town.  The weather was perfect, and the guests had a great time.  They even got to take a trolley car from the church to the reception.  It was quite a sight.  Just take a look at the trolley lady, so you can only imaging.

Tomorrow I will have tons more shots of the dinner, the tent, and much more details!

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