Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Real Wedding: Elia and James, Part 2

Since Elia and I had almost a year and a half to plan this wedding, we had a lot of discussions about color scheme.  From the start navy was always going to be a color, and then coral came into play.  You may remember an inspiration board inspired by this color scheme.  Elia originally wanted to go with coral bridesmaids dresses, but it is a really hard color to get the perfect dress in, so navy was the route that was chosen.  Because of this, we decided that the linens and the flowers were the place to find the coral.  The hard part with this is you have to make sure you get a coral that is more pink then orange, otherwise it will look like a BSU Pep Rally.  Also we didn't want the decor to look too nautical.  So here is what we came up with......

Inside the tent we hung huge 5 foot paper lanterns from the celling and we brought white leather couches into the tent to give it a more intimate feel.  On the bar we had a vodka ice luge carved into the shape of the University of Oregon "O" as a special surprise for James.  It certainly was the hit of the night.

As always I want to thank my staff, the best staff in the world.  As well as Hillary Maybery for the great photos, Judith McQueen for your sensational food as well as your amazing staff.  And last but not least, Elia and James, I am so glad you loved your wedding and I can't wait to see you guys when you come to visit!

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  1. Elia's wedding...what a top notch extravaganza!!! I can't believe what you and your crew put together! Amazing.