Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspiration Board # 15: Alice in Wonderland

The other day I bought the new InStyle magazine and noticed that it was filled with Alice in Wonderland stuff. From articles and photo shoots inspired by Alice, to advertisements for the upcoming movie. Then I started to notice that actually there is Alice in Wonderland stuff all over the place right now. So I thought, why not do something myself. So here is my Alice inspired inspiration board. Enjoy.....

click on image to enlarge

Row #1: the white queen by Vanity Fair, rabbit in the sky via Tumbler,
Alice under the table via
My Modern Metropolis
Row #2: tea table, Alice poster via Design Related, man in tux via Nothing but Bonfires,
blue dress via Priscilla of Boston
Row 3: bride with hearts via Our Labor of Love, red queen by Vanity Fair, cup cakes via Flickr,
Mad Hatter by Vanity Fair

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