Monday, February 22, 2010

Stinky Cheese

I love cheese, especially great aged cheese. And I love beautiful tables. So in my mind there isn't anything better then a beautiful cheese table. If there is one thing I really can't stand is when people set a cheese table and it is just a plate with some cheese and bread on it, and it looks like it came straight from a boring grocery store. So in my mind the table not only has cheese and bread but it has fruit, and not just grapes as a garnish, but something fun like cherries or figs. It should have some good meats, like hard salami or prosciutto. And it you can, throw in some fun stuff like honey comb and Italian olives. And remember all of this food tastes great, but make it look good too. Here are some examples for exactly what I am talking about...

images via Sunday Suppers

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