Monday, February 8, 2010

Where is my seat?

Seating is very important at weddings, it is also something that can make the bride and groom crazy even before the wedding day has arrived. Trying to find the right table and seat for each guest can be an overwhelming task. The best way I have found to accomplish the seating assignment task, is to start with a couple pages of lined paper and a nice sharp pencil with a really good eraser. List each table by number and give about a dozen lines in between tables. Start with Table One as the bridal table and just start filling in names at each table. You will find that eraser comes in very handy. Next you need to decide if you are just assigning people to tables or to specific seats. In my experience it is a waste of time to assign people to specific seats, because trust me, they won't sit in the seat you have assigned them. Plus the day of the wedding you will have to make a second set of name cards and spend a good chunk of time putting them at the assigned seats. But here is the fun part, figuring out how you want to show off the name cards. Here are some fun ideas...

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Images from: Taylor'd Events and Rebecca Thuss

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